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Say 'I do' to a flawless tan for your big day with our bridal tan. Our Bridal tan is a clear solution that has no cosmetic bronzer which means your tan won't rub off on your dress, leaving you stress-free and confident as you walk down the aisle. Trust our experienced spray tanning professionals to give you the perfect wedding tan. This tan has a moisture seal that get's sprayed towards the end to help lock the DHA on your skin and makes the tan semi sweat proof.

Our Bridal Tans included the following : at no extra cost

  • Barrier cream - to help prevent dry spots from absorbing to much color

  • Prep spray- this mist is used to prep your skin fully for the tan to get a flawless application.

  • Disposables - shower cap and undies. We do not provide anything for the chest

  • Moisture Seal- makes your tan sweat resistant.

  • Blending- we use a brush a roller to blend out hands and feet as well as other areas of the body to insure a flawless tan.

  • Drying Powder- powder will be applied after the tan to help remove any sticky feeling and help prevent color transfer.

  • Rapid Rinse or Classic Rinse- we do not charge extra for a rapid rinse tan.

Trial Tan

$55.00 (no additional discount)

Book a trail tan to see if this is something you would like to do for your big day. when it comes down to your wedding we want to insure we get the tan just right.

Things we factor in: Wedding Aesthetic , Your soon to be spouse undertone, your desired glow, your dress. so many things go into a trail & wedding tan.


Our bridal tans can last roughly 10 to 14 days with proper aftercare 

Bridal Package

$90 (no additional discount apply)

This package includes both a trail tan and your wedding tan. You get to save $20. (2 bridal tans)

Same information as our trail and wedding day tan.

Wedding Glow

$55.00  (no additional discount)

This is very similar to the trail tan all the same information applies. if you did a trail tan we will go based on if you want to keep the same color or go darker or lighter.

Bridal tans last roughly 10 to 14 days with proper aftercare.

Wedding Combo

$140.00 (no additional discount apply)

This combo package includes the wedding or trail tan and teeth whitening. (1 tan & 1 teeth whitening)

This is ideal for those that want to get a tan and whitening you teeth at the same time. If you do the combo packages please do so 2 days before your wedding. 

Tan last roughly 7 to 12 days with proper aftercare.


  • When should i get my bridal tan ?

We recommend to get it done 2 days before your big day.

  • Will it transfer to my dress ?

if we do a bronzer free solution no. If we do a bronzer based there is always a small possibility. Our solution is water based so it does wash out.

  • I don't want to be super tan ?

Most of our brides do a light to med tan. Your bridal tan should be a soft natural tan that will help compliment everything. But you always get a dark tan. We mix it to what you want.

  • What is included in the bridal tans ?

Mini contour, Moisture seal, clear or bronzer tan, extra blending on hands, feet, elbows and armpits.

  • When should i get my nails done ?

We advice you get a pedicure done the day before your tan, for nails you can do it the day before or afterwards, lashes we be done at any time, same for hair, for waxing we advice 24 hours before. Please do not get a wax or pedicure after your tan as it will lift color.

  • Do i have to spray my face?

Not at all. We do suggest to reach out to your makeup artist to get confirmation, not all of artist want their clients face tanned. 

  • What is the difference between the bridal tans and your regular tans ?

Our bridal tan is tailored to you and your wedding, this tan is very specific and detailed. Our regular tans are not, they are just standard and semi detailed. Our bridal tans come out to a total of $75 (it's our ultimate tan + mini contour). so basically you save $20 

  • Can i split my wedding combo session ?

Definitely, just send us a text so we can figure out what day to do which. Please keep in mind to get the discount price full payment is due at initial appointment we can split the balance.

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