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These powder jars are the perfect retail jars for clients. They can us them at home while their tan is developing or when they apply a self tanner at home. Clients can us them during the tan. By what we mean with that is for clients who workout or have a wedding event. This will help the tan from rubbing off on those areas that tent to sweat more. Simply just apply the powder on the areas that will be rubbing more than normal. Our powder jars work amazing as a deodorant for the day of the tan, no green armpits.


2 oz jars.



Cozy : Citrus + Sage

Mint: Lemon + Eucalyptus

Morning: Vanilla + Coffee

Blossom: Rose +Cerdarwood

Tropical: Coconut + Pineapple

Fruit Blast: Blackerry + Rapberry+Apple+Mango

Sweetypie: Sweet Pea

Hempz: Coconut+ Banana

Ocean:Coconut +Minerals+Sea Kelp

Powder Jar

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