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To get the best tan possible please follow our prep guidelines below
Spray Tans only goes on the top layer of our skin so if the dead skin is not exfoliated off your tan will not last past 5 days give or take.
PS: Your Prep & Aftercare is 80% YOU, 20% is the application, DHA & Color.


Prep Instructions 

Step 1: 

Get your spa services done , nails and pedicure done the day before. Doing them same day can result in color not sticking to the body.

PS: do not get a pedicure after your tan. Doing it after tan will result in color lose. We do charge a $30 fee to fix it.

If you plan on waxing get this done 24 hours before the tan to avoid irritation / color loss.

Step 4

Wash your hair if needed then wash your body with a spray tan friendly body wash to remove any residue off your skin.  Even if you don't wash your hair still wash your body.

Raw sugar | Hempz | Shea Moisturize | Jasön | Renpure | TonicTan | Lush | Summer Eve | Native | Aveeno body Wash |Bfresh | Sunstyle

Step 2:

Exfoliate your body. From neck to feet. 

Do not use a oil based scrub. This will leave a barrier. By not exfoliating your skin your tan will not last as long as, spray tan only goes on the top layer of your skin so EXFOLIATE!

We do recommend exfoliating with a exfoliating sunless mitt

(we do sell it for $5.)

or Mix sugar with a spray tan friendly gel body wash as an exfoliating scrub. 

Raw sugar | Hempz | Shea Moisturize | Jasön | Renpure | TonicTan | Lush | Summer Eve | Native | Aveeno | Bfresh | Sunstyle

Step 5:

Apply lotion if you have dry skin the night before, please do not use it same day. Again must be a spray tan friendly one.

Hempz | Raw sugar| Renpure | Bliss TonicTan|Lush | Jasön| Grapseed oil|Jojoba oil | almond oil | Btan (no aveeno lotion)

Step 3:

Shave if you did not wax. ( Make sure you exfoliate then shave)

Step 6:

No deodorant in the evening and none in the morning unless you use natural deodorant. Which contains no aluminum. By using a non natural one the day of your tan will make your armpits GREEN so avoid it. After you rinse your tan off you'll be okay with your regular deodorant

Make sure to scrub the following areas of your body:

Feet | Legs | Knees | Behind your knees | Hands | Elbows | Arms | Armpits | Neck | Chest | Stomach | Back | Face


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  • Can i prep my skin before i arrive?

No ! You need to prep your skin NO less than 4 hours before your appointment. Prepping to soon will result in a lighter tan and can affect the way the solution sprays on your skin. If you don't have time to prep we advice not to prep at all.

  • Can i use a wash cloth or loofah to exfoliate ?

No. We advice to use exfoliating mitt or exfoliating glove instead. Loofah's and wash cloth's does not remove dead skin.

  • I got laser hair removal done, what is the wait time on it ?

With anything laser we do advice to consult with your provider first, we do recommend to wait 1 week before coming back for a tan.

  • I will be coming from work, is that okay ?

Definitely. We do have face wash cleaner for you to use to remove makeup and deodorant.

  • Can i wear leggings ?

No. we advice against leggings and sports bras's while your tan is developing to avoid unwanted lines and lighter spot from the item rubbing the bronzer. Loose clothing items is ideal.

  • I have dry skin an I apply lotion ?

If your skin is very dry then yes, However it needs to be a spray tan friendly lotion. Fail to use a spray tan friendly one can result in a green tan / barrier on the skin which will prevent the DHA from developing fully.​ Please text us (210-802-1964) first to consult if you can use your lotion

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