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how it works : step by step



Once we are done spray tanning you, you'll dry for 1 to 2 min. During the drying process our staff member will wipe your hands and feet and blend any areas that is needed. If we are spray our sealant this will be done afterwards. 

Once we are done we apply our signature matt or shimmer powder to your tan to insure you don't feel sticky as well as eliminates any odor for the day. Once you have been dusted with the powder you are good to get dress in loose clothing only.


Once your dress you'll make your way to the front. We encourage you to browse our aftercare products, check-out and pre book your next one for 10% off (if you cancel or reschedule the discount expires) 


See you NEXT time. 

Our spray tans are guarantee for 48 hrs. We ask that you be mindful of your tan during the development. Don't get wet and don't wear tight clothes.

(psa: we can tell)

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