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Lets talk about the word Organic.

As a educated spray tan technician Organic spray tans or Organic tanning solution does not exists in this industry. The reason I say that is that once the ingredients go into a processor mixing the ingredients together creating the formulation that whole process is not organic, so with that being said is that it might have 90% organic ingredients but once it goes through that processor it no longer is. Most solution companies will add a preservatives to keep the ingredients fresh, that preservative is not a organic compound. 

I don't like anybody being fooled or suckered into that claim. 

Please make sure you do your homework before you schedule your spray tan with a company that claiming it's Organic.  

The solution companies we use are 100% Vegan approve & Gluten Free. It's one of a few clean products out there in the Spray Tan industry.



If you have any questions or would like more information you send us a email at 

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