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Hi Bestie 

At TonicTan we have a love yourself policy, everybody and every skin tone is welcome.  If it is your first time it can be a bit scary, as well as nerve wracking standing naked or half naked in-front of a stranger. I will do my absolute best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.



Chane is the owner and is our multi certified spray tan artist for TonicTan. Chane has been spray tan certified since 2014 . 

The Full Story

Hi My name is Chane and  I am the sole owner and spray Tanner for TonicTan. 

Not only do I do every day tanning but I spray tan bodybuilding shows and contouring.

I have been in the Sunless industry since 2014 and opened my own Business in 2016


Spray tanning or even self tanning is one of the most popular beauty trends right now other than eyelashes.  I feel like spray tanning took off when reality tv became so popular. Almost all of the woman in those shows have some form of a tanning product on. Some will do a self tan and others prefer to have a spray tan. 


Getting a natural glow doesn’t just have to be for special occasions it can be all year long. It’s an amazing confidence booster , especially us ladies tend to focus on all our imperfections which a spray tan or even self tanning helps to camouflage making us feel so much more sexy. 


Getting a spray tan or even applying your own self tanner which takes some serious skill are much safer ways to tan in this 21 st century.  Dha/ dihydroxyacetone has changed so much since it got developed to the point that is get's sourced from natural plant based products. Some companies source theirs from wall nuts some from beat extracts and other from apple extracts . It’s Crazy right . No chemicals ! But it’s not organic. 


During the summer months laying out in the sun can be harmful to the skin leading to what we all know as skin cancer.  In the winter trying to get a tan natural is almost impossible. That’s why using a self Tanner or going to get a spray tan is the perfect way to stay nice and tan all year long.  There is this stigma that spray tans need to be super dark or the dreadful orange color

Like what ?!


Spray tans don’t have to be dark you can get a tan that just even outs your skins complexion and for the dreadful orange well that’s another level.  Either your Tanner is unexperienced or your hormones can be off a bit. Which surprisingly plays a big part as well. It can affect your final color as well as how well it stays on. Some medication will do the same thing.


So basically how spray tans work is the main ingredient which is DHA reacts with your skins amino acids. So ones the tan is fully developed it stays on the top layer of your skin meaning our dead skin until your skin starts to shed the layer. The dryer the skin the faster your tan will fade.


During the cooler months generally our skin is much drier so keeping your tan from looking a like a hot mess can be difficult. Using the right products plays such a big part in as well as how well you prepped for it. The same goes for those that compete in body building shows. If you prep correctly your color is much more vibrant and it goes on like lotion. If you take care of tour tan it can last you roughly 10 to 14 days . Right !!! Big time difference. An average tan last about 5 to 7 days. 

No KEEP in mind your tan will only last as long as your skin naturally sheds. Every few days our skin sheds a new layer of skin the dryer the skin the faster it sheds. 


So what do you say, ready to book you spray tan with us. 

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