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Bring your friends/ family with you to get a tan and save on.

Our spray tans included the following : at no extra cost

  • Barrier cream - to help prevent dry spots from absorbing to much color

  • Prep spray- this mist is used to prep your skin fully for the tan to get a flawless application.

  • Disposables - shower cap and undies. We do not provide anything for the chest

  • Neutralizer- This mist will help keep your tan ph at 7.35 and 7.45 plus it helps to remove the fake tan smell

  • Drying Powder- powder will be applied after the tan to help remove any sticky feeling and help prevent color transfer.

  • Rapid Rinse or Classic Rinse- we do not charge extra for a rapid rinse tan.

Salon- Studio

Group of 3 and more.

$40.00 per person.

This includes the basic tan. You can upgrade to hydration for $5, Ultimate for $10 & Bridal for $10

House call -Mobile

Group of 3 and more.

$60.00 per person.

This includes the basic tan. You can upgrade to hydration for $5, Ultimate for $10 & Bridal for $10


  • I booked a group tan but my number of guest is 2 and not 3 any more how does that work ?

If your number of guest drops below 3 the tan will be full price or the new clients special depending on if they have been to us before.

  • How long is the appointment ?

 Our appointments are 20 to 30 min. It depends on how quickly you get undress and dress.

  • What do I wear to my appointment?

You want to wear loose dark clothing. Nothing that sits thigh or rubs. What you wear during the appointment is your choice (females) for male clients we do require underwear.  We do provide disposable underwear and disposable shower cap.

  • When should I book a tan?

For your vacation trip 1 to 2 day before,  for event / photoshoot 2 days before, for just because 1 to 2 days.

  • Will it transfer ?

Our bronzer based will transfer while it develops. Once you have your initial rinse you will be okay. Our clear tan does not tranfer at all.

  • What is the difference between the Rapid or Classic?

The only difference between the two is a rinse time. No color, No longevity, No price difference just a rinse time. 
Rapid Rinse :1 to 6 hours rinse time. Color does not show up until next day.
Classic Tan : 8 hour rinse time. You have to wait at least 8 hour or more before your rinse.

  • Will I be orange?

No. we carefully blend our bronzer based solution to insure you do not turn orange. We do recommend that when you do a rapid rinse tan to follow our rinse time as leaving it on for to long can result in a more brassy tan that looks orange.

  • What do I do before my tan?

Please follow our prep instruction. 

  • How does payment work?

Upon booking your service you are required to pay a deposit. Once you checkout at the end of our appointment you can either charge the same card on file or do a different form of payment. Card, Cash, Venmo, Cash app or PayPal.

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